'Wonder Woman' Review

    We have figured out how to make a good DC film... take Superman and Batman out of it. There is no question Gal Gadot is the DC hero we needed this summer. 

Why It Makes My List:
- Gal Gadot brings the right mix of strength, humor, and badassery. 
- Not your typical superhero movie formula and it works!
- Chris Pine's presence doesn't overshadow or even compete with Gal's portrayal of Wonder Woman. They compliment each other so well throughout the film. 

Why It Didn't Make My List:
- I would like to have seen her war buddies with more to do.
- There were a couple instances where Diana didn't understand a common reference, but then she understood something else that was just as common as the other reference. 

'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales'  Review

This time around Captain Jack finds himself on another adventure searching for something lost at sea…. the trident of Poseidon along with the son of Will Turner & Elizabeth Swann.

Why It Makes My List:

- It's the same movie formula of the last 4 POTC films.
- This will sound weird, but there is a fun sequence involving a guillotine. 
- The special effects of Javier Bardem's character is bad ass.

Why It Didn't Make My List:

- It's the same movie formula of the last 4 POTC films.

- The plot is pretty weak. Seems like this is a blatant setup for the next sequel in the series.

- Keira Knightly is the Luke Skywalker from TFA in this movie.

'Baywatch' Review

    This film tries to be too much like the TV Show in ways that just don’t work.
    Like Ghostbusters last year… quit trying to reboot everything. 

Why It Makes My List:
- Dwayne Johnson is so damn likable. 

- Kelly Rohrbach as CJ steals most scenes she is in. She is definitely the standout in the film.
- Funny moments, terrible execution.

Why It Didn't Make My List:

- It shouldn't be a reboot. This needed all new characters, not all new actors playing the same characters.

- Too predictable.

- I like a good flaccid penis joke, but this one lasted way too long.

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